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A-Gent 018 - Wolfgang Sharpe by Ratbagwave A-Gent 018 - Wolfgang Sharpe by Ratbagwave
I'll update the rank on the image when I get the chance.
S/O to my girl yuki for lining my full body sketch. I'll update the app again with two other pictures and shaded colors



   Name: Wolfgang Sharpe
   Rank: 018
   Classes: Specialist [Second in Command]
   Partner: N/A
   Age: 26 years old
   Date of Birth: August 2nd, 1990
   Height: 6 ft 4 in
   Weight: Approximately 300 lbs due to wings
   Eye Color: Green
   Languages: German and English

   Strength: 5
   Stamina: 5
   Speed: 2
   Dexterity: 4
   Intelligence: 3
   Ability: 4
   Defense: 4
   Balance: 1


   Heavy weaponry, rifles, and explosives.


Wolfgang has wings that protrude from his back. This gives him the ability to fly. They  can regrow/heal very slowly. Along with his ability come many differences in his anatomy as seen here:… Some notes have been added to the drawing mentioning such differences. These differences are to make it more realistic for a human to fly.


+ Enable flight
+ Can heal, like that of anything else could.
+ Regrowth. This process depending on the size can take a long time. Since they are currently at a wingspan of 15ft, the regeneration process would most likely take from 6-12 months or more, since they grow bigger. Most efficient when cut right from his back and shoulders, instead of just a portion becoming clipped.
+Anatomical differences: Wishbone, strengthening flight; Keled sternum and larger pectoral muscles providing further strength for the wings; longer pelvis, center of balance a little lower, easier to keep said balance during flight, and makes up for him having shorter legs/torso.


-Loss of wings is excruciatingly painful.
-The regenerating process can be just as much so.
-Plucked feathers can cause bleeding.
-Anatomical differences: Can't be hidden at all. Arms are slightly shortened, due to the dominance of the wings. Ribs and pelvis are closer together, making him sturdier, but less flexible, and giving him a slightly shortened torso.
-Its still somewhat difficult to steer himself without leverage aside from his body, such as a tail (like birds), however he has been able to figure out how to work with it despite this.


   [Confident | High Energy | Lax but serious when safety is concerned | Likes to think he's Funny | Organized | Extremely Loyal ]

Wolfgang is a relatively easy going guy. He's very confident in what he does and has a relaxed atmosphere about him. He isn't one to take much seriously, usually, but when it comes to his job he is extremely alert and vigilant. He has high priority for other's safety especially those he cares about and is extraordinarily loyal to those who fit that description as well. He claims that getting angry solves nothing and does his best to avoid getting to that point, but don't let that fool you- he does have a fuse. However he can have his moments like everyone else. He has a very rigid structure of how he organizes things specifically related to work as he's certain the careful organization is key to insuring safety on field. In summation he's a fairly dedicated A-GENT who loves his work almost as much as he enjoys shitty jokes (note: please do not encourage him with his jokes he thinks he could be a part time comedian as it is).


   On August 2nd, 1990 in Frankfurt, Germany a baby was born with two extra extremities on his back. This phenomena wasn't kept secret, as the news about people and animals being born with abnormalities seems to travel. According to the news a healthy baby boy was born with extra extremities and that the doctors succeeded in removing them. It was just another random interesting fact, and interest in the topic was lost as soon as it was gained.

   Wolfgang Sharpe was raised by his mother and father, who were a banker and nurse respectively. They were a bit of an older couple and had an older daughter thirteen years before him. The initial shock of having a son born with strange complications had faded rather quickly as they were assured their son would live a healthy life since he seemed to recover so quickly. His older sister did much of his care taking while his parents were off working, trading off with a nanny while she was in school. That was their normal for the first few years of his life.

   When he turned five the strange growths that were present at his birth became noticeable again. His sister had noticed it and pointed it out to his father who immediately was perplexed by this whole situation, as it didn't make sense for these growths to be returning. He brought Wolfgang to the hospital where they examined the extremities to figure out what they were, and perhaps consider getting them removed if they were tumors. X-rays revealed what looked like cartilage and bone in the masses protruding from his back. Along with that, there appeared to be an extra bone in his chest, one that resembled a wishbone. Nobody had any idea what to do about them medically, it was unheard of, and this time it didn't seem like there was much of a point to try to have them removed, because again- Wolfgang's vitals proved to be healthy. Wolfgang's father returned home with him, brought his wife up to date on what was going on and they decided that maybe it wouldn't be so bad.

   The appendages were small at first, but every year they got slightly bigger. Wolfgang lived a rather normal childhood, not thinking much about what was growing out of his back. His father reassured him he was healthy- but to not show people because it could scare them. His sister started referring to them as his wings, and spoke of them fondly in hopes that he wouldn't grow to be self conscious of them. However it was all perplexing to young Wolfgang, he didn't really know how he was supposed to feel about it. They were part of him, that was it- he had more interesting things to be doing. Like learning.

    School was very important to Wolfgang. He loved learning. STEM was extremely intriguing even from a young age. His older sister was interested in chemistry and he found himself very inspired by that, fondly remembering how she'd talk about different subjects while looking after him. She moved out of the house when she turned 20. Wolfgang recalls doing what he could to distract himself so that he wouldn't be bored while on his own in the house. Studying killed time.

   At ten years old, there was no question about what was on his back. They were wings, covered in feathers, but they were small proportionally. Easy to hide if you could flatten them down. He had figured out how to strap them down and away from sight. His wings freaked his parents out, rightfully so. They weren't sure what to think about him. They weren't particularly religious people, so this couldn't have been an act of God. It was bizarre is what it was, and it needed to be hidden away. They didn't talk about it, or him much at all. They distanced themselves not that it was hard for them since they were still fairly consumed with their work. In private they would express their concerns about him and wonder what they could do about it. They never really had a solution but being able to talk about it together could somewhat calm them.

   The teenage years were when things changed. Wolfgang had hit a massive growth spurt and with it revealed just how different his anatomy was from others. His arms, torso, and legs were shorter than they should be; his hips were much longer; his chest was large; and his wishbone was fairly noticeable. How he gained muscle was different from others too. Being a child of a nurse he took it upon himself to take good care of his health, but no matter how you sliced it, his back, shoulder, and chest muscles were way easier to build than books on exercise claim it takes on average. Piecing it together it was easy to figure out that it was because of his wings, which also had become proportional to his body. It was much harder to hide now. He bought giant coats and tried to cover them up in public, however, seeing a six foot fifteen year old boy wearing a trench coat had to have looked bizarre. Now was about the time he wanted to stay out of the public view as much as possible. He hit a rough spot in his education when he started skipping high school due to bullying. He started closing himself off and in turn felt miserable for it. He ended up dropping out and decided he'd study on his own. His parents weren't particularly interested. Whatever their child was, he was getting freakier looking by the minute. They didn't want to deal with it. When he turned 16 they informed him he'd be moving out in two years. They said that it should be enough time to get a job and try to find somewhere else to stay. They justified this by claiming they didn't want a dropout mooching off of them.

   At 16 Wolfgang started avoiding his house. He hadn't truly felt welcome there in a long time. One day he took off with a bag of his things and went to see his sister. She had moved to the countryside with her husband, and had welcomed him to live there for a while so long as he helped around the place and promised to keep studying. Here he didn't have to hide as much. His sister's husband was accepting, thought it was strange, but in the end that bird-man was his wife's brother. This was when Wolfgang started to truly come into himself. Here he could get away from the people who gave him anxiety, but at the same time he wasn't isolated. He helped with the farm in the day and studied at night. It was a peaceful routine.

   He knew that this couldn't last forever. He didn't want to live off of his sister and her husband forever. He wanted to figure out a way to live independently, so it was a lucky coincidence when he turned 18 and got a call with an opportunity that could solve just that problem. He had received a call from A-GENT 000. He said he had been keeping an eye on him, and that his organization had apparently been doing such since the insignificant headlines on his birth had come out. They knew about his ability and figured it had potential to grow. This was an opportunity for him to get a job and help people, where he wouldn't have to hide anymore. So of course he agreed to it.

   It was then that Wolfgang left and began his training as a member of the A-GENCY. It was now that he was able to hone his ability. The specialist class was of course of huge interest to him and was the class that he excelled at the most. Years of training and dedication to his work added up and he flew through the ranks until he landed the position of Specialist Class Leader. Upon receiving that rank he chose to study as a Sniper as well in hopes of being the most effective support on field that he can be.


Wolfgang has stepped down from the position of specialist leader after self-reflection. He feels that he'll be better suited as a second in command rather than leader.


    General  Info

Blood Type: A+

Allergies: None known of as of yet.

To take into consideration; Ability:
Refer to anatomical differences…
His pectoral muscles are also MUCH thicker than that of a normal person's, keep in mind if ever needing to perform surgery or such. Also keep in mind his skeletal structure is slightly different- the biggest difference being the inclusion of a wishbone. 

Scars: The link above shows some

    Procedures  Done

Failed attempt to remove the wings attached to his back after his birth.


+Wears halter tops as casual wear in his home.
+His uniform has snaps on the back so that he can get his wings through. I'll add a reference for that soon.
+Not necessarily the most gender conforming fellow.
+Wears a very large trench coat and straps down his wings when out in public. Don't tell him it looks like he has a hunchback when he wears it- he knows.
+If you like his latest haircut thank A-GENT 014 for cutting it while he was sleeping.
+Can be found walking around with various princess stickers and the like stuck to his uniform. Again, thank Ruth for that.
+Lives with A-GENT 014.
+Always wears a lego ring on his left hand. The lego piece attached to it changes out occasionally.
+Myer-Briggs Personality type: ISTJ - The Logistician 


A-GENT 018 landed carefully near the entrance of the structure. He brought his watch closer to his face announcing, "Alright, I'm scouting out the area, stay put until further notice". He strode around the perimeter, it was the west building of an old facility. Old and worn, it was clear that there had been a fire here, however it seemed like it had been some time since then, plants had been growing as if they were climbing across the bricks. He made his way towards some of the lower windows that the glass had been blown out of. He raised a flash light to peak inside quickly looking for the supports. The back half of the ceiling had been caved in, revealing what was once the second floor above. The support beams in the front of the building weren't looking too good either. He raised his watch again holding a button before speaking, "A-GENTs, under no circumstances are we going to enter this building. We are better off focusing on the other buildings, this one is uninhabitable, and its not worth the risk of investigating." With that he moved away from the building and took off to regroup with the rest of the field team. 


Sketches, colors, and Wolfgang Sharpe (c) me
Full body lines (c) :iconfredward-the-brain:
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